Weight Loss Challenge 

April 22 - June 3


Are you ready to get serious not only about your weight loss but maintaining your goals and becoming fit, strong and healthy? Now in its 14th season, the JCC’s successful weight-loss challenge (formerly Largest Loser) is a comprehensive program that encourages participants to lose weight and make the necessary lifestyle changes to live a healthier, happier, active life.  

Our team of fitness professionals includes: exercise physiologist, registered dietitian, health coaches, certified experienced personal trainers and specialty health care professionals.

All activities take place at the JCC of Greater New Haven, located in Woodbridge, CT. Weight Loss Challenge participants have unlimited access to our full-service recreational facility featuring a fitness center, basketball gym, racquetball courts, 25-yard swimming pool, group exercise classes, Spinning, and cardio and strength training equipment.


  •  3 team workouts per week to increase your overall fitness

  • Simple nutrition strategies to improve your eating habits 

  • Skill building for a healthy lifestyle

  • Weekly weigh-in

  • Motivation, guidance, camaraderie




Zombie Team: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6 AM

Jedi Team: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM

Titan Team: Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 PM (for new or returning exercisers who need to modify their workouts)

Sundays 8-9 AM: All team workout

Sundays 9-10 AM: Weigh-in and nutrition/lifestyle workshop


Recognition will be given for most weight loss, body comp changes, inches lost, strength and fitness improvements.


MEMBER: $299 | NON-MEMBER: $349


"Thank you so much for doing this--you really helped me get back on track with mindful eating. I lost two pounds--but the one inch from my waist is most significant. You're the best!" - Chris


"Pam, this has been a great program, very effective for me, manageable, informative and certainly something I feel I can keep going forward with. The daily emails were "just enough"! There was always a note of encouragement and educational material as well. Thank you for all the work you put into it for us." - Teena


"The bottom line is that I really learned what 25 grams of sugar is, and that if I would like to eat a dessert in the future - to be able to have it be a contained amount." - Iris


"I wanted to “Thank You” for all of the valuable information you provided throughout our journey. I am happy to said that I have lost a total of 13 pounds from this sugar challenge, not only from cutting out added sugars from my diet but, better nutrition and consistent physical activity. I feel I am better equipped to make better food choices (taking time out to READ LABELS) going forward and limiting my sugar intake. It is my hope to continue on this journey making it a permanent change in my life." - Eric