8 2014

The Towers - Music of the Ages- Part II - SALT & PEPPER GOSPEL CHOIR

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

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The Towers presents a 3 part musical series- Music of the Ages- Enjoy Part II with - SALT & PEPPER GOSPEL CHOIR.
Since 1985, the Salt & Pepper Gospel Singers have been uplifting crowds of enthusiastic listeners with their unique blend of gospel voices. Begun when a white spectator asked Mae Gibson Brown of the group if she thought white people could be taught to sing the 'gospel way.' the chorus was formed with a tentative atmosphere but a love of spiritual voices praising the Lord together. To this day, the group varies in size, but always represents a range of diverse backgrounds. This evening everyone will be united in spirit by the power and the beauty of the music. The Salt & Pepper Gospel Singers will have you singing along with gusto!

Sponsor: LH Brenner, Inc. Insurance/Thompson & Peck, Inc.

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