14 2014

The Towers - Music of the Ages - Part III - THE NU HAVEN KAPELYE

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

Contact Rebecca Olshansky
Contact Lisa Ferguson for more information 203-772-1816, ext. 240 or

The Towers winds up its 3 part musical series - Music of the Ages - with THE NU HAVEN KAPELYE, Southerm New England's largest group of Klezmer musicians. Enjoy as they come to Tower One to celebrate Hanukkah. Join us and listen to your favorite Hanukkah tunes and maybe hear a new song or two as well. Along with this program for the festival of lights the Nu Haven Kapelye will play Klezmer and Yiddish music, from Romania, Hungary, Bessarabia and other Eastern European locales.
Come listen and dance to the expressive, energetic and emotive melodies of Klezmer music!
The band is fun to watch and a blast to listen to. And the best part is the dancing. Once this band gets going it's hard not to jon the circle!

Sponsor: LH Brenner, Inc. Insurance/Thompson & Peck, Inc.

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