29 2018

Symposium: Remembering Dori Laub

1:00PM - 5:00PM  

Sterling Memorial Library, Lecture Hall 120 High Street
New Haven, CT 06511

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Dr. Laub made important contributions to the development of videotestimony as a means of documenting survivor experience, the establishment of the Genocide Studies program at Yale, and advances in the study of trauma.

 The symposium will include keynote presentations from Lawrence Langer, celebrated author and Professor emeritus of English at Simmons College, and Taylor Krauss, a documentary filmmaker and the director of two projects to record testimonies of survivors of the Rwandan and Yazidi genocides. 

In addition to the keynotes, a panel consisting of Joanne Rudof, Archivist (retired) at the Fortunoff Video Archive, Professor Ben Kiernan, Yale Genocide Studies, and Elizabeth Brett, Training and Supervising Analyst at the Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis, will discuss Dr. Laub’s contributions to each of their fields. 

The symposium will conclude with a screening of excerpts from a documentary by Israeli filmmaker Ohad Ufaz on the life and career of Dr. Laub.

A reception will follow the screening.

 We hope to see you on November 29.

Sponsor: Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale Genocide Studies Program

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