23 2015


25 2015

RACHEL Z. DULIN, PH.D - " Portraits of Biblical Women" - or other.

9:00AM - 12:00PM  

To be determined. CT SHORELINE , New Haven or Temple Beth Tikvah.
Contact: Lurrae Lupone, MEd, CiPP. (203) 494.3181. Lurrae@gmail.com
Gulford or Madison, CT 06437
203.494.3181 Lurrae@gmail.com

Contact Rachel Zohar Dulin, Ph.D.
** CONTACT HOST: Lurrae Lupone, Madison, CT (203) 494.3181. Lurrae@gmail.com. Hosting for Rachel Z. Dulin, Ph.D weekend of October 22 to 25, 2015
Phone: 773. 343.1915

Rachel Zohar Dulin, Ph.D. is a speaker on many diverse topics as indicated in her CV below.
She teaches at New College, Sarasota,Florida, has a radio show and writes a monthly column and speaks widely.

I have had the occasion to hear her speak at synagogues and at the Jewish Federation of Sarasota, Florida over the last three winters and was inspired to invite her to my home the weekend of October 22 to 25, 2015 in the hope of arranging speaking opportunities in New Haven or on the Shoreline.

Rachel was born in Israel and has never been to the East Coast or to CT Shoreline! Her airplane ticket has already been arranged. I will host her at my home in Madison and drive her to all venues.

I am hopeful that l the Jewish Federation of New Haven and of the Shoreline will be interested in helping me arrange some speaking opportunities over the weekend of October 23-25, 2015 this fall. Thank you for giving this suggestion your immediate attention and consideration.

Lurrae Lupone
203.494.3181 c
Madison, CT

Please review her CV below:

2503 Milmar Drive South
Sarasota, Florida 34237
Phone: 773. 343.1915
Email: rzd3@yahoo.com

Personal Data
• Born in Israel
• Served as a teacher in the Israeli Defense Force, 1960-1962
• Citizenship: American, Israeli

Educational Background
• Ph.D. Dissertation 1982: The Phenomenology of Old Age in the Hebrew Scriptures.
• Ph.D. Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 1982: Religious & Theological Studies
• M.A. Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 1975: History & Literature of Religions
• B.S. Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN1964: Education
• Certification Shein Teacher Seminar, Israel 1960: Education

Professional Background
• Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Language, New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL. 2010-present.
• Professor of Hebrew and the Bible, Spertus, Institute of Jewish Studies, Chicago, IL. 1974 - present.
• Resource Person/Instructor, Hebrew Language, Georgia Center of Languages, Ft. Gordon, GA. 2005-2006.
• Professor of Hebrew, DePaul University, Chicago, IL. 2002-2003:
• Adjunct Professor, Department of Liberal Studies, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL. 1996-1999.
• Visiting Professor, Department of Religion, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN. Fall 1994.
• Consultant, Hebrew Language Studies & Hebrew Teacher, High School of Jewish Studies, Board of Jewish Education, Chicago, IL. 1990-1992
• Instructor of Biblical Hebrew, Garrett Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL. 1996-1977.
• Teacher of Judaic Studies, Upper Grades, Sager Solomon Schechter Day School. Northbrook, IL. 1967-1973.
• Teacher, Hebrew Language and Jewish Studies, Jewish Agency, Department of Education in the Diaspora, Fargo, ND. 1962-1964

Published Books
• “Alive, Unabashed, and Passionate. Extraordinary Women of the Bible.” Tycoonia, 2007
• “A Crown of Glory: A Biblical View of Aging.” Paulist Press, 1987
• “Hebrew and I: An Interactive Study of Hebrew.” Book & CD. Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, 2004

Published Articles
• “K’zohar Ha-Ivrit”, Jewish United Fund News, Chicago, IL: Monthly, 2010-present.
• Ha-Ivrit Va-Ani: An Interactive Study of Hebrew on CD, Spertus Institute Press, 2004
• “How Sweet is the Light! Qohelet’s Age Centered Teachings.” Interpretation. 2001
• “Naomi: The Old Woman in the Book of Ruth.” Journal of Psychology & Judaism, 1995
• “Anti-Davidic Voices.” The Bible Today, Vol 26/5, 1988
• “Hatanak: M’qor Hab’ayam Vehay’sod Leshinuy Ma’amadah Hanachut Shel Ha’isha Hayehudit.” Hadoar, Vol. 66/2, 1987
• “The Elderly in Biblical Society.” The Journal of Aging and Judaism, Vol. 1/1. 1986
• “Ezra and Nehemiah: Leaders in the Restoration.” The Bible Today. Vol. 24/5, 1986
• “Reading Hebrew with Ease.” Hadavar, 1980

Newspaper Columns
The Dayton Jewish Observer, The Jewish Federation News of Chicago, Illinois, and Sarasota-Manatee County, Florida.
• Yayin, Wine. 2/20/2015
• The Beginning. 2/2/2015
• Tevah. Nature. 1/23/2015
• Words of War. 12/1/2014
• By the Book. 11/2/2014
• Kapparot. 9/22/2014
• Origns of Shalom. 8/28/2014
• The Month of Av. 7/20/2014
• Chfesh: Freedom or Vacation. 6/25/2014
• Fruit of the Earth. 5/23/2014
• Israeli Defense Forces. 4/23/2014
• Story of Freedom. 3/21/2014
• Intercalation Year. 1/26/2014
• Olam: Time & Space 1/26/2014
• Hebrew: Our Leshon IMA. 12/20/2013

Media Appearances
• Radio. Rabbi Sarasota, Fl. 930AM. “ Monthly Commentary”. (20??) to present.???
• Radio: Rabbi Sarasota. FL. 930AM. “Leshon Ima”. Bi-monthly commentator on Etymology of Hebrew words. 2013
• The World Of Poetry, WBEZ. “Hebrew Classical Poetry.” 2009
• Listen Up! www.RadioEarNetwork.com. “The Bible and Modernity.” 2007
• The Milton Rosenberg Show, Extension 720, WGN. “The Abrahamic Religions.” Directions in Biblical Scholarship.” 1993-2002
• Chicago Field Museum, Public Access Television. “The Art of Writing: A Discussion of Jewish and Japanese Literary Cultures.” 2002
• Voices That Listen, WJJG. “The Mid-East’s Troubles From an Israeli Perspective.” 2001
• Cabbages and Kings, WLS-TV. “Discussion on Aging.” 1995
• Fargo, North Dakota Radio, KDSU. “Peace With Jordan.” 1994
• Vantage Point, Northeastern Illinois Radio, WZRD. “The Bible and Aging.” 1993

Programs and Lecture Topics
• Unabashed and Passionate: Portraits of Biblical Women
• Hebrew Royals: Women of Power in the Israelite Courts
• The Bible and Politics: Old Issues, New Relevancies
• General Topics:
• Bible and Women
• Bible and Politics
• Bible and Aging
• Bible and History
• Wisdom Literature in the Bible
• Bible and the Ancient Near East

Professional Associations
• Association of Jewish Studies

Sponsor: To be determined

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