14 2020

Parashat HaShavua with Prof. Steven Fraade

10:00AM - 10:35AM  

Congregation Beth El–Keser Israel (BEKI) 85 Harrison Street
New Haven, CT 06515-1724
203-389-2108 office@beki.org

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BEKI is now offering on-line discussion/lesson every Sunday to look at the week's Parashah. Besides teaching thousands of students at Yale and around the world, Steven Fraade has taught a bi-weekly “Learners’ Service” on Shabbat mornings at BEKI for decades, a good proportion of which has been exploring the Biblical texts.  This form of study and discussion works fairly well on zoom, and we are maintaining a long-standing tradition and employing one of the extraordinary resources that we enjoy so uniquely in New Haven. For the link, email bekitefilla@gmail.com