20 2020

Live! American Jews Virtual Tour of Touro Synagogue Newport RI

12:30PM - 1:30PM  


Contact Lindsey Barger

$ Cost $ 15.00

Register in advance. Live! American Jews, Virtual tour: Touro Synagogue Newport RI.

The story of Jews in the United States is one of diversity, contribution, and triumph. This tour will focus on the social, cultural and religious history of Jewish Americans, analyzing the significance of both the Touro Synagogue (1763), and Seinfeld (1990s), with everything in between. We will ask the questions, “What role does my American identity play in my Jewish identity? And vise versa? Is it possible to separate the two?” We will also emphasize the diversity of the Jewish experience by comparing and contrasting American Jewish tradition with that of other communities around the world.

Pricing: $15 per person


Questions? Contact Lindsey Barger at lbarger@jewishnewhaven.org