9 2015

JFS - Parent Education Program

5:30PM - 8:30PM  

Contact Shelly Attenberg
Ext. 102

$ Cost $ 125.00

Parenting Education Program (PEP)
PEP is provided in response to the state legislation requiring that divorcing parents participate in parent education. The Council providers utilize a Council developed, six hour curriculum titled Putting Children First, which addresses the following topics:

•What is Divorce or Family Disruption Like for Kids?
•What do Children Need to Help Them Deal With Divorce or Family Disruption?
•Developmental Stages of Children and Their Reactions to Divorce and Family Disruption
•Loss and the Grieving Process
•Skills for Talking and Listening with Children
•How to Talk to Children about the Divorce or Separation
•Dealing with Anger and Conflict Resolution
•Divorce "Games" Parents and Children Play
•Custody and Parenting Plans
•Parallel and Cooperative Parenting

To attend a Parenting Education Program in Guilford at the Federation's Shoreline office call (203) 389-5599:
Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven


Participants are required to pay a fee of $125/person to attend this course. Fee waivers can be granted by Superior Court judges in case of financial need.

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