9 2020

Israeli Culture Series: The “Good Neighbor” Project for Syrian Refugees

5:00PM - 6:00PM  


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Register in advance. Israeli Culture Series: The Story Behind the “Good Neighbor” Project for Syrian Refugees with LTC. (Res) Eyal Dror (2016-2018 Commander of the Good Neighbor Project).

LTC. (Res) Eyal Dror is a former IDF officer who spent 24 years in the army. The majority of the time he spent in coordination and liaison units working with the Palestinian population. From 2016-2018 he established and commanded the Good Neighbor Project --an operational unit under the IDF Northern Command--whose function was the management of humanitarian assistance to Syrian civilians, the victims of their civil war. During his command of the unit, they carried out some 700 humanitarian aid operations on the Israeli-Syrian border, an area that at that time was home to terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al--Qaeda and Hezbollah. Eyal will speak about a different side of the IDF from that portrayed in the media. He will also discuss the implementation of complex processes, creative thinking, joint ventures, trust building and more.

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