28 2021

Insider’s Guide to the Tower of David Museum

8:00PM - 9:00PM  


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About this Event

If the walls of the Tower of David could speak, what would they say? What would they reveal about the unparalleled historical events that created the city’s character over thousands of years? These questions are explored at the Tower of David Museum - a unique historical site in Jerusalem and indeed, in the entire world.

The museum is located in the Tower of David Citadel, the iconic symbol of Jerusalem between the eastern and western parts of the city, expressing the continuing dialogue between ancient and modern Jerusalem that continues to our day. The Citadel, and the archaeological finds unearthed here, are part of the events that shaped the face of Jerusalem from the days of the kings of Biblical Judah until our own times.

What do you get when you mix the latest in technology and the most ancient stones? The renewal and conservation project at the Tower of David Museum!

Join us as we travel both in space and time with the Director of the Tower of David Museum, Eilat Lieber, who will take us through the fascinating history of Jerusalem as seen through the citadel’s stones. We will be seeing it all through the lens of a high-tech 3D virtual application, with all the technology for the evening developed by Israeli start-ups. We will also be getting a sneak peek into the future, with the plans underway to renew the Tower of David Museum and rejuvenate the whole of the Jaffa Gate area.

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