1 2021

Improving Israeli Civil Society Through A New School Model

12:00PM - 1:30PM  

Judy Alperin zoom

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Register in advance. Although Arab society comprises over 20% of Israel's population, most Jewish and Arab citizens have few opportunities for meaningful interactions. One of the primary contributors to this situation is Israel's public school system, which has distinct streams for Jewish and Arab students. Hand in Hand, a network of seven bilingual schools, is one model that fosters relationships between Jewish and Arab youth.

During this program, we will have the opportunity to meet with members of the Hand in Hand community to learn about their lives and explore the role of education in building a shared society. What are the challenges and opportunities facing Jewish-Arab relations and shared society work in Israel? How did COVID-19 and the sociopolitical developments of the past year shape the schools' work and vision?

Join us on December 1 at 12:00pm ET for a conversation with Shada Edress Mansour, Deputy Director of the Community Department and Hand in Hand School parent, Guy Aloni, a veteran Hand in Hand School teacher, Noa Yammer, International Communications Director, and Erica Shaps, Program Manager at the Interagency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues.

Sponsor: JCRC of Greater New Haven & JCRC of Greater Hartford