20 2020

From Temple to Text, From Priest to Sage. Creating Our Portable Homeland

7:00PM - 8:00PM  


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In this series we will uncover the backstory to the sages of the Mishnah and  their living teachings and their teaching lives.

We will explore a selection of the stories, adventures, wisdom recorded in the Talmudim and Midrashim beginning with Ezra the scribe and his court and concluding with the students of Judah the Prince.

Pirkei Avot: The “Chapters of the Fathers”, will serve as a backdrop to our explorations. Tonight: Ezra and the Men of the great Assembly

Please join us every Monday-Thursday 7-8 PM April 20-May 27. There will be 23 lessons. Each one will be free standing so feel free to join any time. They will also be recorded if you want to fill in the gaps.

Class id is 704-429-4766
You will need a password. Password is Shoreline

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If you want to call in, dial 646-558-8656 and enter meeting id 704 429 4766 no user id, enter password at the prompt 556562


  1. Ezra & the Men of the Great Assembly.
  2. Simeon the Just – “Great Among His Brothers and the Glory of His People” Antigonus of Sokho: Tzedukim & Bisusum
  3. Servants and Sons: Ĥoni the Circle Maker, Ĥanina ben Dosa and the World of God’s Servants
  4. The Pairs: The Hasmonean period
  5. Hillel & Shammai: Kindness & Justice
  6. The “Houses” students of Hillel and Beit Shammai
  7. Rabban Gamliel the Elder: Providing Stability for a Life of Torah
  8. Rabban Yoĥanan ben Zakkai: Before, during and after the Destruction 1
  9. Rabban Yoĥanan ben Zakkai: Before, during and after the Destruction 2
  10. Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrkenos: The Heavens Will Prove that the Halakha Accords with Me & Rabbi Tarfon: From Beit Shammai to the Beit Midrash at Yavneh
  11. Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Yehoshua: So that Dispute Should Not Proliferate in Israel:
  12. Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya: Make Your Ear Like a Funnel & Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas: He Will Sit Alone and Be Silent
  13. Rabbi Akiva early years, leadership & Bar Kochba 1
  14. Rabbi Akiva early years leadership & Bar Kochba 2
  15. Rabbi Yishmael: The Torah Speaks in Human Terms
  16. Rabbi Elazar HaModai: Faith and Trust, Rabbi Yose HaGlili: Collecting Traditions, Rabbi Ĥanina ben Teradion: The Parchment Is Burning but the Letters Soar Upward
  17. Rabbi Shimon bar Yoĥai: Leadership and Mystic
  18. Elisha ben Abuya A Sage & Heretic
  19. Rabbi Meir & Beruria
  20. Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel & Rabbi Pinĥas ben Yair: Hasid and Sage
  21. Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi Composer of Mishnah 1
  22. Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi Composer of Mishnah 2

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