8 2021


14 2021

10th Beckerman Jewish Film Series: Shared Legacies

12:00AM - 11:30PM  

$ Cost $ 10.00

Register in advance. Shared Legacies touches on the historical ties between Black and Jewish Americans began long before the Civil Rights era. Shared Legacies explores this significant alliance, sharing eyewitness accounts, interviews with civil rights leaders, including the late U.S. Representative John Lewis, and a treasure trove of archival footage. The film is a tribute to the pursuit of what Dr. King called a "coalition of conscience" as well as an urgent call to action for today. With divisive seeds of hate taking root anew in the American landscape, a new generation also affirms their pledge to actively promote the values of social justice. This potent, inspiring story of unity, empathy and partnership validates the ubiquity of the human experience, and how freedom and equality for all can be achieved only when people come together.

Shared Legacies
Directed by Shari Rogers
USA 2020 95 min
Viewing Dates: February 8 – 14

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