30 2015

EBOLA: An Insider's Report from EMS Coordinator Dr. Steinberg

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

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203-245-7028 (Phone)
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Charles Steinberg, M.D. recently returned from 6 we eks as Emergency Medical Coordinator of an Ebola Treatment Unit in Sierra Leone. He is an infectious disease specialist who volunteered to serve in direct patient care and the development of treatment protocols in Sierra Leone this past October/November. He has a clear bill-of-health following his 3-week quarantine upon return to the USA. Charles has done international medical work in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Nepal, Mexico, Peru, Romania and The Ukraine. When home in Colorado he teaches as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical School.

Dr. Steinberg’s sister, Nancy Steinberg Abramson, and his sister-in-law, Rabbi Stacy Offner, are very moved by his work and happy to have him home and able to join us for an inspiring Shabbat.

Charles speaks internationally to physicians and people infected by and affected by HIV on how to live long and well. Charles is a professional photographer and uses his inspiring images in his presentations. His lectures touch the mind and the heart. His lecture will be woven into the evening Shabbat service on Friday, January 30, 7:30 pm. Free and open to the community,

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