29 2017

Brunch and Talk with Miri Eisin

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

Contact Jennifer Bayer
203-387-2424, ext. 320

$ Cost $ 36.00

Women's Philanthropy presents a special event with Miri Eisin, open to all women and men. Miri Eisin began her career in the IDF as part of the Israeli intelligence community. For over twenty years she served as the head of the combat intelligence corps, the assistant to the director of Military Intelligence, and as the Intel officer in combat units and research departments. After retiring from the military, Miri was appointed as the Israeli Prime Minister’s International Advisor and played an important role in the Annapolis Conference. Currently, Miri is one of Israel's main presenters that sheds light on regional geopolitics, security related issues in the global media, and the different narratives within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sponsor: Presented by Jewish Federation Women's Philanthropy, hosted by Tower One/Tower East

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