26 2015

"Brain Fitness" presented by Donna Fedus, Gerontologist

11:00AM - 12:00PM  

Contact Vivian Kantrow
203-772-1816, ext. 2

"Building Cognitive Reserve Through Brain Fitness"
Learn What Dark Choclate, Cobblestones and Juggling Have in Common . Learn what you can do to protect yourself against memory loss and cognitive slow down. This interactive program facilitated by gerontologist Donna Fedus will explain basic scientific principles behind cognitive reserve, which is extra brainpower that can reduce the experience of Alzheimer's symptoms even when Alzheimer's pathology exists in the brain.

Donna Fedus has worked as a gerontologist for 25 years in hospital and university settings, and with private clients. Donna is also the part-time Director of Elder Programs at The Consultation Center, Yale University School of Medicine, where she has served since 2007.

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