29 2020

12 PM Between Annexation and Sovereignty with Avi Melamed

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

Register for Between Annexation and Sovereignty The Implications of Israel’s Actions for the Middle East A briefing with Avi Melamed, Founder and CEO, Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives, part one of a three-part series

The expected Israeli annexation of / declaration of sovereignty over parts of the West Bank raises many questions. What will be the scale of such a move? What will it look like on the ground? How will it impact the current status quo? Will it result in another round of Israeli-Palestinian violence? What will be the reaction in the region? How does this Israeli move reflect the geopolitics of the Middle East in 2020? This briefing and Q&A with seasoned intelligence analyst Avi Melamed will cover these questions and provide a comprehensive, three-dimensional picture of the situation.

About the Speaker: Avi Melamed is the founder and CEO of Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives and an expert on current affairs in the Arab and Muslim World and their impact on Israel and the Middle East. His distinctly nonpartisan curriculum – which he has presented to numerous universities, government entities, communities, and high schools – uses intelligence methodology to examine the Middle East. Fluent in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, Avi is a former senior official with the Israeli government and has held numerous intelligence and counter-terrorism positions throughout the Middle East. His latest book, “Inside the Middle East,” help readers make sense of regional events as they unfold. 

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Co-Sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Hartford and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater New Haven