7 2021


9 2021

ADL: Never is Now

Join us virtually as we listen, learn and share alongside thousands of experts, students, community leaders and more—all united in an effort to rally our communities in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. In the midst of the highest rates of antisemitic incidents ever tracked by ADL, we’re tackling crucial conversations about hate and bigotry in today’s world and creating a stronger, more inclusive movement for the future. 

The only voice missing is yours. 

It features Guest Speaker Julia Schroers, a high school activist from CT and member of Congregation Mishkan Israel.

Julia Schroers is a sixteen-year old student activist in Connecticut. She has worked with the ADL as a teen trainer for four years. In addition to her work at the ADL, she is involved in various local school and town-side activism, including working to the change of the “Indians” mascot and fighting for equitable curriculums. She serves as the Equity Officer on the New York Parliamentary Debate League. Julia is also involved at her local synagogue and loves painting.