2 2014

Towers' Lunch & Learn Series - A Bird of a Feather -Part 3

11:30AM - 1:00PM  

&nbsp 18 Tower Lane
New Haven, CT
203-772-1816 rebecca@towerone.org

Contact Lisa Ferguson

The Towers' will end it's 3 part 'Lunch & Learn' Series with Dorie Petrochko presenting 'My Life as a Bird Artist.' Her work has evolved from a fascination and reverence for nature. Intrigued with the intricacies of colors and patterns of birds, plants and organic forms occuring in nature. Often one inspiration springs from another, creating a series of ideas or themes for her paintings. he looks for striking contrasts between a subject and its environment and always scanning for a ptential composition in her mind's eye at the same time while taking in its beauty. The cost for this session is $10.00 which includes the presentation and lunch. For more information plese call Lisa at 203-772-1816, ext. 240 or lisaf@towerone.org

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