Small Group Coaching


Get more sweat for your buck with these specialty classes delivered by our certified personal trainers. Small groups, safely spaced, taught in the Fitness Center, Gymnasium, or Outside Campus can be purchased individually or in packages.



JCC Member Rates


1 Session: $20

6 Sessions: $99

12 Sessions: $192

20 Sessions: $300

FREE Fitness Pop-up Event: Flexibility

Saturday, July 24 | 9 AM


Come join Master Trainer and flexibility expert Patrick Raymond to learn the techniques needed that will allow for a more comfortable squat, a less painful press, and an overall better prep before your strength training session. The days of shoulder circles and standing quad stretches are far behind us. You will master effective stretches and flow patterns to maximize your strength training sessions. 

Non-Member Pricing: $10


Reservations required and advanced payment for non-members. Please Contact Jessica Scott at or call 203-387-2424 Ext 266. 



FREE Pop-up Event: Learn to Lift

Wednesday, June 9 

8:15-9 AM

Have you been taking virtual classes or working out with weights on your own and are ready for a challenge? Or unsure about proper form, weight load, and reps? And concerns with proper modifications or avoiding injury? 

Join Jess for this clinic-style session designed to help you execute the foundational movements of a strength-based program using proper form, weight, reps, and safety.

With Jessica Scott, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Contact to reserve your spot. 


Tuesdays, June 8-22 | 10:30-11:15 AM with Pam

Tuesdays, June 8-22 | 3:30-4:15 PM with Lisa

(Same protocol in AM or PM)


It is recommended by health care and medical professionals that people (especially over 60) do muscle-strengthening activities twice per week. This will not only make your muscle stronger but your bones too!  And will improve your joint health, reduce your risk of falls, and keep your weight in check. This program is designed to work with you either on-site or virtually, with a seasoned Trainer who will ensure proper form and appropriate weights to challenge you according to your abilities thus eliminating your risk of injury. You will be guided through a basic strengthening exercise program covering all major muscle groups. You will be taught correct alignment and modifications when needed. 


Pricing: $40 per person for the series


On-site Participation Only


Sundays | 8-8:45 AM 

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 5:30-6:30 AM


No nonsense training of intense drills for strength and cardio conditioning in military-style format with certified trainers and coaches. Email to register. *Social distancing and mask-wearing required.

Pilates Bootcamp

Saturday | 8:45-9:45 AM


Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.


Wednesday | 9-9:45 AM

Friday | 10:15-11 AM


Suspension training using TRX or CROSS CORE Straps to leverage gravity and your own body weight. A great tool for exercisers of all levels to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and joint stability.  Suspensions training is a unique way to achieve total fitness as it requires your core muscles to be engaged 100% of the time!

Questions? Contact Susan Donovan, 

Director of Fitness Services


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