Sports & Recreation


Our sports and recreation leagues are all on hiatus for the summer, but will have new sessions starting this Fall.


Pee Wee Sports

New Sessions Starting This Fall


Introduction to a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, t-ball and more in a fun environment. Focuses on additional skills such as sportsmanship and teamwork, hand-eye coordination and agility. 

Tiny Tots Tennis

New Sessions Starting This Fall


Introduction to tennis for young children, emphasizing fun. Size-appropriate equipment provided. Helps develop hand-eye coordination and flexibility.

HappyFeet Soccer

New Sessions Starting This Fall


HappyFeet is a nationally recognized program, which uses a unique, educational, and age-appropriate curriculum with a soccer ball, to promote an active lifestyle. As children acquire physical skills, they build confidence that applies to other sports and to life in general. 

Summer Youth Basketball

New Sessions Starting This Fall


Intramural mini-league. Teams will play weekly against each other. Five weeks followed by a week of playoffs.


To register, call Barbara Zalesch at (203) 387-2424, ext. 250

Spring High School Basketball

New Sessions Starting This Fall


In-house intramural league with end-of-season tournament. All games officiated. Form your own team or sign up individually. Open play for JCC members and paid league participants.


To register, call Barbara Zalesch at (203) 387-2424, ext. 250

Muay Thai

New Sessions Starting This Fall


For more information, contact Barbara Zalesch at (203) 387-2424 x250

Floor Hockey

New Sessions Starting This Fall


New to the JCC! Our new gym floor enables us to bring in sports like Floor Hockey, which will be held on Thursday afternoons after school for children in grades 3-5. An emphasis will be placed on sportsmanship, teamwork and fun.


To register, call Barbara Zalesch at (203) 387-2424, ext. 250

Adult Leagues


Men's 18+ Basketball: New Sessions Starting This Fall

Men's 35+ Basketball: New Sessions Starting This Fall

Synagogue 18+ Basketball: New Sessions Starting This Fall

Crosscourt 45+ Basketball: New Sessions Starting This Fall 


Fun, competitive leagues for all levels and abilities, ages 18+ and ages 35+. Certified high school officials. Join with a team or individually. League schedule will be distributed prior to first game. 

Adult Coed Volleyball

New Sessions Starting This Fall

If you are interested in having fun, meeting people and getting a work out at the same time come join the JCC’s Adult Volleyball league.  If you would like to bring a team in or register as an individual please call Nicolle at (203) 387-2424  x250. 



Pickleball Drop-In: New Sessions Starting This Fall

Pickleball League: New Sessions Starting This Fall


A paddle sport for adults with various skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.


To register, call Nicolle Camara at (203) 387-2424, ext. 237

NEW Climbing Wall

Adult Challenge Course

New Sessions Starting This Fall


Small group of adults will learn about the safety of the wall and practice belaying. The first class you will be certified in belaying. Each individual will try the different courses and will be challenged every time.

Kids Climb Challenge

New Sessions Starting This Fall


Small groups of supervised fun. Each week there will be a different challenge for your child. They will learn about safety and how to complete challenges. Grades 2-6.

Safety Course

New Sessions Starting This Fall


If you are 18 plus and want to learn how to belay, this is the class for you. It is recommended if you are going to climb on a regular basis during free climb.


To register, call Nicolle Camara at (203) 387-2424, ext. 237​

Parent/Child Fun

New Sessions Starting This Fall


This class will be held in the climbing wall room. There will be singing, obstacles and rock wall challenges that are age appropriate. Come meet other parents and have some fun.

Open Climb

18+: Sundays, Ongoing | 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. | M: FREE | C: $15

Families: Sundays, Ongoing | 2-3:30 p.m. | M: FREE | C: $15

All Ages: Wednesdays, Ongoing | 5-6:30 p.m. | M: FREE | C: $15

                Saturdays, Ongoing | 8-9:30 p.m. | M: FREE | C: $15


Supervised free time for adults or families to enjoy the climbing wall.