Inclusion Programs


The goal of our inclusion programs at the JCC of Greater New Haven is to cultivate and foster an accepting community where individuals with disabilities and their families have the chance to make meaningful connections with each other and their community. All of our inclusion programs are designed specifically for people with special needs in mind. We encourage and welcome members from the community to attend any of these programs, with the understanding that these programs are fully inclusive of ALL people.

Past Programs:

Interested in partnering with the JCC or have questions concerning our inclusion programming, contact Scott Cohen at or (203) 387-2424 x203.

Adaptive Swim

JCC of Greater New Haven


We are now including adaptive swim classes specifically designed for people with special needs to push past their physical, cognitive, or neurological challenges to successfully learn to swim. Additionally, adaptive swim promotes water safety and self-confidence while providing a physical outlet for building muscle tone and reducing stress. Adaptive swim also encourages improved communication and interpersonal skills. 


Email Nicolle at for scheduling and pricing.


18 + Adaptive Basketball League

Mondays | October 18 - November 11 | 6:30-8:30 PM

JCC of Greater New Haven


In-house adaptive basketball league. Designed for athletes 18 years and older with special needs that want to hang out with friends and enjoy the challenge of competitive sports.


Member: $80 | Community: $100


Email Nicolle at for scheduling

Adult Adaptive Fitness Class

Fridays | September 24 - October 29 | 3-3:45 PM

JCC of Greater New Haven


Join us for adaptive and inclusive fitness personal training for people with mental, physical, and cognitive challenges.


Member: $100 | Community: $120


 Email Nicolle at for scheduling

Our Inclusion Partners:

Chapel Haven Schleifer Center

Chapel Haven is a nationally accredited school and transition program for adults with disabilities in New Haven. The JCC of Greater New Haven offers a vocational training program aimed at helping Chapel Haven students build relevant skills and prepare for gainful employment. Chapel Haven students also enjoy discounted JCC membership rates. Click here to learn more about the Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. 




Project CASY

Community Autism Socials at Yale (Project CASY) is a university-organized, online, and local community of individuals living with autism, and the families, friends, and professionals involved in their lives. The main purpose is to promote a high quality of life for individuals living with autism. Project CASY uses an organic, collaborative approach, where community members meet in-person to nurture relationships and share ideas and experiences while benefiting from the knowledge of clinicians and researchers at the Yale Child Study Center and other organizations. Click here to learn more about Project CASY.


ASD Fitness

The goal of ASD Fitness is to raise the bar of possibility. Their programs specifically designed for adults with special needs focus on structured activities that allow participants to explore wellness, movement, and life skills necessary for living a vibrant and full life. The pillars of the program include health, wellness, and life skills development. ASD Fitness provides a wholesome experience that allows participants to socialize with others while building lasting relationships, all while developing and building essential life skills in order to maintain or improve quality of life. Click here to learn more about ASD Fitness.



If you have any questions about our inclusion programs or are interested in a partnership? Please contact Nicolle at