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Children's Swim

To prioritize the safety of and benefit to each swimmer as well as ensure proper placement, all new swimmers above Bubblers level are required to complete a phone valuation prior to registering.

Please contact us at to arrange an evaluation.

Infants and toddlers, 6 months-3.5 years old, explore water, body awareness, coordination and safety through games, songs and repetition. Parent/Adult required to get into the pool with the child.

See dates & rates



For first-time swimmers who are ready to work independently. Swimreadiness activities such as blowing bubbles, putting face in water, floating, kicking and proper arm motion. NO PARENT PARTICIPATION. See dates & rates.



Water exploration for a child who requires assistance in the water. Activities will include learning to put face in the water, blowing bubbles, kicking with assistance on stomach and back. See dates & rates.



Students learn to float without support and recover to vertical position. Swimmers are working on early freestyle, backstroke and rotary breathing. See dates & rates.

Building on skills from Minnows, swimmers will build skills in freestyle, backstroke, endurance backstroke, breast stroke, rotary breathing, treading water, and lap swimming as well as guided practice in deeper water. See dates & rates.

Swimmers work on learning or improving the four main strokes, flip turns, diving, endurance, how to use a pace clock and more. A schedule of swim meets will be provided at beginning of swim season. See dates & rates.

Aquatics for Adults


Stay fit, improve your skill level and get more comfortable in the water at any age! Whether you are a novice or looking for a competitive edge, we have the perfect aquatics fit for you. Enjoy lap swim, water walking, water aerobics, master swim and more!

Lifeguard Certification Class


Pricing: Member $250 | Non-member $350


June 2: pretest (3-4 pm)
June 9: 1st day of class (2-4 pm)
June 10,11,12: (4-8 pm)

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons (for Youth and Adults)


Private lessons or semi-private lessons are a great way to accelerate learning. These lessons allow those who want to get more comfortable in the water to excel. Through an initial skills test, we can assess the student’s ability and plan lessons around his or her specific needs.


Lessons are 30 minutes long and are sold in packages of five or 10 (private & semi-private). Private lessons can be scheduled whenever we show “Open Swim” on our Pool Schedule.

Adaptive Swim Lessons

We are now including adaptive swim classes specifically designed for people with special needs to push past their physical, cognitive, or neurological challenges to successfully learn to swim. Additionally, adaptive swim promotes water safety and self-confidence while providing a physical outlet for building muscle tone and reducing stress. Adaptive swim also encourages improved communication and interpersonal skills.

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Pricing & Scheduling

Gaelen Rhoads | Aquatics Director | 203-387-2424 x270

Registration Inquiries

Barbara Zalesch | Registrar | 203-387-2424 x250