Water Sports

Resistance movements and aerobic activity in the water. Choose from a variety of styles and music. Ongoing; free to JCC members.

Water Aerobics

  • Mon.       9-9:45 a.m.       

  • Mon.      4:30-5:15 p.m.

Classic Water Aerobics

  • Tues.       9-9:45 a.m.


Combo Shallow/Deep

  • Wed.       9-9:45 a.m.
  • Wed.       5-5:45 p.m.

Yoga/Tai Chi & Pilates

  • Thurs.       9-9:45 a.m.

Water Aerobics/Interval Training

  • Fri.       9-9:45 a.m.

Aqua Barre

Thursdays, May 24 - June 28  |  6:15 - 7 AM  |  $90 Member Fee/$120 Community Fee

Aqua Barre is a class modified for all ages, pace and level.  The focus of this class is on core strength, balance, endurance, agility and range of motion in the water.

To Register call Barbara Zalesch at (203) 387 2424 x250

JCC Aqua Care

Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 12 - August 23 | 10 - 10:45 AM | $210 Member Fee/$320 Community Fee

Small group setting. Utilizing resistance movements, balance, strength and conditioning. Class may be modified based on abilities and needs of participants. Fee will be pro-rated based on start date. Call (203) 387-2424 x270 for details.

Aquatic Therapy Training

Exercise in the pool one-on-one with personal trainer. Using the resistance of the water along with aquatic equipment, build strength, endurance and flexibility with no stress on the joints. Great for pre- or post-surgery or anyone who suffers from joint pain.

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons (for Youth and Adults)

Private lessons or semi-private lessons are a great way to accelerate learning. These lessons allow those who want to get more comfortable in the water to excel. Through an initial skills test, we can assess the student’s ability and plan lessons around his or her specific needs. Lessons are 30 minutes long and are sold in packages of five or 10 (private & semi-private). For more information, contact Aquatics Director Amy Kemler at or Registrar Barbara Zalesch at (203) 387-2424 x250.

Swim With Me

Designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers 6-42 months. Explore water, body awareness, coordination and safety through games, songs and repetition. Children must wear swim diapers—no disposables, please! Parent/Adult accompaniment required. Min. of 5 students.

Swim with Me Rates and Dates

Tues.       10:30-11 AM                7/3 - 8/7           M: $65 | C: $95



For graduates of Swim with Me who are ready to work independently but not yet old enough for our Level 1 class. Children will continue with swim readiness activities such as blowing bubbles, putting face in water, floating, kicking and proper arm motion. No parent accompaniment. Min. of 3 students.

Bubblers Rates and Dates

Thurs.       4:30-5 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Thurs.       5-5:30 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Starfish (Level 1)

Water exploration for the beginner swimmer. A safe and fun environment where the child will be introduced to floating, kicking, bubble-blowing, submerging face in water, using the barbell to kick on their front and back, and alternate arm motion. Must have completed Bubblers or had evaluation.

Starfish Rates and Dates

Thurs.       4-4:30 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Thurs.       4:30-5 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Thurs.       5-5:30 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Minnow (Level 2)

Students learn to float without support and recover to vertical position. This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills and adds to self- confidence in the water. They are working on early freestyle, backstroke and rotary breathing.

Minnow Rates and Dates

Thurs.       4:30-5 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Thurs.       5-5:30 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

Stingray (Level 3)

This class builds on skills from Level 2 through additional guided practice in deeper water, building on freestyle, backstroke and endurance, as well as development of backstroke, breast stroke, rotary breathing, treading water and lap swimming.

Stingray Rates and Dates

Thurs.       5-5:30 PM                7/5 - 8/9           M: $65 | C: $95

New students above Bubblers must arrange evaluations. Contact, (203) 387-2424 x270.

JCC Blue Marlins Swim Team

Age 6-18        Starting Again This Fall

New students above Bubblers level must arrange evaluations.

Contact, (203) 387-2424 x270