Kavod Society Criteria


Eligibility for Membership


Any member of the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven in good standing, who is over 18 years of age, shall be eligible for membership provided he or she meets any of the criteria specified in Sections A, B, C, or D below, as indicated in the manner specified in Sections E and F below:


A. Has rendered distinguished service to the Center by furthering the successful conduct of some aspect of Center activity, cultural, educational, recreational or general, through personal participation in the activity;


B.  Has shown outstanding leadership in Center Board and committee activity or in lay aspects of Center operations or administration;


C.  Has demonstrated continuing interest and devotion to the Center by a willingness to provide tangible support, serve on committees or provide other services that benefit the Center;


D. Has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the welfare of the Center in furthering its cause in forums outside the Center in the Jewish or general community.


        Any of the above criteria shall be satisfied in the following manner:


E.  The services referred to shall have continued for at least three years immediately preceding selection for the Kavod Society award, however, the committee may make posthumous awards;


F.  The activity referred to shall have been substantially of a volunteer nature and, if any personal services have been performed for the Center for compensation, such compensation shall be considered as being only incidental to the reasons and services for which the honor is to be conferred.   


Kavod Key Recommendation Form