Beverly Levy ELC Kindergarten Program - Tanya Michaelson

My husband and I are both educators and spent many hours visiting and choosing a school for our daughter. We choose the JCC Kindergarten because it was a small play based program that had one of the most talented and experienced teachers we had ever seen. Laura gets to know every child deeply and brings out in them their gifts while developing their social emotional and academic skills. She does this by getting to know your child and choosing activities and curriculum that best meets each child's needs that will nurture and develops them. Further, she is able to create a kind and caring community of children who express empathy, caring and kindness through thoughtful and guided conversations Laura has with them. We love Laura because she helped our daughter build a strong foundation in her social emotional development and academic development which helped her make the successful transition to first grade. Till this day our child remembers Laura and uses her quotes, "I am trying my very best even though it's not perfect yet." We can't recommend the program highly enough. We love the Nitzamin program!