Beverly Levy ELC Kindergarten Program - Deborah Taylor

I am the proud parent of a child fortunate enough to have attended the JCC's Nitzanim Kindergarten program, now five years ago.


This program affords a holistic approach to the 3R's (reading, writing ... ). It provides the means for lessons emphasizing qualities equally important to leading a good life; a life that will contribute toward the greater good of the whole -- so needed in our society today. Amongst the qualities taught are empathy, tolerance and sharing, and all this is accomplished in a small classroom setting, and in creative ways including field trips, and Yoga and swimming lessons.


This program was the start of my son's successful path to becoming a responsible 'citizen of the world.' The mission statement for this program should read: 'The program that keeps on giving!' Thank you very much for this lifelong experience. I recommend this program without hesitation.