Beverly Levy ELC Kindergarten Program - Carolyn A. Axt

Without a doubt, the best educational decision that I have ever made was enrolling my daughter into the JCC’s Nitzanim Kindergarten Program.  The Head teacher, Laura Prestash, is a genuine, passionate and enthusiastic veteran teacher who combines her love of children and love of learning to create a truly nurturing environment for each individual child. 

I was drawn initially to the Program because of its flexible schedule and extremely low teacher to student ratio.  The small class size truly allows for differentiated, individualized instruction, where each child’s needs are met in order to foster not only academic growth but self-confidence and an innate love for school and learning. 

The children within the program work together as a family, encouraging one another’s accomplishments and offering support when in need.  My daughter’s experience in the Kindergarten program has set her up for academic success in public schools.  The friendships my daughter made during the JCC Kindergarten Program continue to bloom despite differences in school settings and Laura Prestash has continued to support and encourage my daughter’s endeavors throughout the years. 

At the JCC Nitzanim Kindergarten Program, children will learn in a safe, happy, encouraging environment.  Children will develop social skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.  Children will learn respect for others and for themselves.  Finally, children will emerge from the Program with a solid foundation of learning, which will enable them to embark successfully in grade school and beyond.



Carolyn A. Axt