Living in pain can affect every aspect of life. Movement, when executed with the help of a trained fitness professional, can be an effective way to relieve pain and improve quality of life. Founded on the premise that pain-free living lies in addressing the body as a whole, this new line of programming is designed to offer the most current and effective methods of pain-free living.


Contact Susan Donovan, Director of Fitness Services, for consultation (203) 387-2424 x265  

JCC Member Rates (45 Minutes)


1 Session: $75

3 Sessions: $216

6 Sessions: $390

12 Sessions: $720


Posture Alignment Therapy


A higher level of therapeutic intervention, this non-medical approach involves a series of gentle, functionally based exercises and stretches. Designed to work with the deeper causes of musculoskeletal pain and bring the body back into functional balance. Offered in private or community sessions.


with Alan Franzi, MS, C-IAYT, PAS  Certified Posture Alignment Specialist trained by the Egoscue Institute. Contact Alan for more info and rates:

Trigger Point™ & Assisted Focused Flexibility


An assisted, integrated flexibility program that incorporates PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches, myofascial release with gentle trigger point and appropriate stretches in combination with alignment and corrective exercise techniques.


with Certified Personal Trainer & Trigger Point™ Specialist Jackie Hornak

Melt™ Method


Erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, and lower back, brought on by everyday stress, overuse, and age. This simple selftreatment can make your whole body feel better and provide relief from neck and lower back pain, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Discover how the connective tissue in your body gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to rehydrate this essential system in our bodies for vibrant health and pain-free movement.


with Betsy Bell-Osterholm, MELT™ Practitioner; small groups also available. Contact 

Orthopedic Body Work / Neuromuscular Reprogramming


A type of massage therapy focused on treating discomfort that affects the soft tissues of the body. This hands-on manipulation will help detect muscle imbalances, relieve your pain, and leave your joings more moble.


with LMT and Neuromuscular Reprogramming Therapist, Charles Blake

Pilates Reformer Training


A popular option for core strengthening and back rehab, the Reformer assists and positions the body to perform therapeutic exercises safely and more efficiently.


with Certified Pilates Trainers, contact


1 Session: $80

3 Sessions: $230

6 Sessions: $450

12 Sessions: $840


Aquatic Rehab Therapy Training


Build strenght, endurance and and flexibility using the resistance of the water along with aquatic equipment.  Great for pre or post surgery or anyone that needs a non-impact modification.  Personal Training rates apply.


Personal Training rates apply. Click here for pricing.




Based on the premise that a blockage or disturbance in the flow of the body's life energy, or “qi,” can cause health issues and discomforts, Acupuncturists insert hair-thin needles to specific points throughout the body to restore the flow of qi, balance the body's energy, stimulate healing, and promote relaxation.


Offered in private or community sessions – visit Spa at the J or contact for more information.

Yoga for Bone Strenghtening


Practice essential yoga postures that develop flexibility, strength, balance, and agility to strengthen your bones. Learn breathing techniques to improve respiratory function along with mindfulness training for emotional well-being. Taught in a gentle Kripalu Yoga style using a chair and the mat. Modified instructions provided if you need to remain seated for the entire class. No experience is necessary to join. Contact for the next workshop.

with Julie Luciani is a Registered Occupational Therapist, Certified Teacher through Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda, and YogaSpirit™ with a Specialty in Yoga for Healthy Aging.

Meet our Pain Free Specialists 

  • Betsy Bell-Osterholm

    Betsy is a MELT™ Method Certified Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE & AFAA Certified Instructor, APEX Nutrition and Energy Healing Arts. With over 30 years experience, Betsy builds healthy communities, and maximizes human potential. With a passion for dance and the healing arts, she is committed to helping others achieve their goals by leading individuals and groups through conscious movement to live life with optimal health and vitality.

  • Alan Franzi

    Alan Franzi, MS, PAS, C-IAYT brings over 25 years’ experience to his clients. He is a Certified Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS), trained through the Egoscue® Institute with additional specialized training as a Level 1 Somatic Movement Center® Certified Exercise Specialist and a Certified Yoga Therapist(C-IAYT) His “Pain Free Posture” therapy work reflects his passion to help those with chronic pain, and progress on their path toward pain free living and a fuller, more active lifes...

  • Jackie Hornak

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    Advanced Human Movement Specialist
    Pranotthan Yoga and Meditation Teacher
    CPR / AED Certified

  • Charlie Blake

    Charlie is a graduate of CT Center of Massage Therapy with 16 months of schooling and 800 hours of supervised training. Specializing in Orthopedic Massage, ‘Chuck’ has a strong desire to help people get out of pain and feel better. His knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology with a deep understanding of orthopedic issues is impressive. He is always willing to help others in need, consistently bringing his talent to community service events and senior centers.

Member Testimonials

"I was injured in an auto accident in 2015 and have been suffering with issues related to my lower back and SI joint ever since. Walking was usually uncomfortable so I avoided walking as much as possible. Sleep was frequently interrupted. (I do not believe in painkillers other than ibuprofen). I had tried physical therapy, chiropractic, trigger point therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. Everything worked, for a day or two, but then my condition came roaring back.


"I had never heard of MELT until the JCC began the program. I decided to add this to my regimen of weekly chiropractic and massage and started taking MELT sessions with Betsy Osterholm.The thing I liked best was that we were taught how to do many of the movements at home - this meant that when my symptoms began to return, I could alleviate the pain immediately.


"Since practicing MELT I have improved enough so that I can walk , stand without pain and I even accepted a part time position training dogs. I could not have even considered this position without MELT. I now have the ability to get my back out of spasm and keep the discomfort to a manageable level. I am hoping that with further practice my overall condition will improve - MELT is the first technique that has given me the ability to help myself and to actually see and feel improvement in my condition."


- Kathy Stevens, JCC Member and MELT Practicioner