JCC Day Camps: Frequently Asked Questions

This section is under revision for the 2022 season. Thank you for your patience.


Backed by a successful and safe 2020 camp season, our top priority remains the health, safety, and security of our campers and staff. We will be following the guidelines of the State, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Office of Early Childhood (OEC). We have adjusted our already high standards to protect the health and safety of our campers and staff. Detailed policies and staff training to handle illness will be sent at a later date. Our staff is more committed than ever to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our campers.

Please keep in mind that the guidance from the state can change between now and our target date of June 21. We will continue to communicate changes to you as we learn about them.




How will camp sessions be structured?

We will conduct two 4-week sessions.

Session 1: June 21 - July 16

Session 2: July 19 - August 13


Can I register my child for both sessions?

Yes, you can.


Can I register for a partial session?

No. The CDC and OEC strongly suggest groups of children remain consistent. Camp planning must minimize the mixing of children as much as possible. 


Will JCC Day Camps be providing transportation?

Unfortunately, busing would not allow us to adequately comply with social distancing guidelines and group size recommendations from the OEC. Therefore, we will not be providing transportation this summer or going on field trips. 


Will I be refunded for program-mandated quarantines or closures?

Due to the difficult nature of staffing programs during the Covid- 19 crisis, the JCC will not be offering refunds for time missed by program participants for any reason. This includes program-mandated quarantines or closures, individual decisions to quarantine or state mandated closures.


Will Before/After camp options be available?

Since we cannot provide before/after camp care without mixing groups of children and violating OEC guidelines, we will not be offering before and after camp. Camp will operate from 9 AM-4 PM.


How will groups be structured?

Campers will be placed in groups comprised of 10-12 children depending on age.


Will campers social distance from the other groups?

Yes. Groups of campers will social distance from other groups. There will be no mixing of children between groups whatsoever. Camp planning will ensure that grouping of children remain intact throughout the entire camp day and session.


Can my child pick a friend to be grouped with?

Yes. Campers are allowed to select one friend to be in their same group, and we will do our best to put those two campers together. This friend must:

a. be in same unit/age group

b. reciprocate the selection


*To maintain compliance and safety standards, there will be no switching between groups or camp sessions under any circumstances.


Will the JCC be providing food/snacks/water?

In order to allow campers to stay in their contained groups, we are asked to discourage communal food and drinks.  You will need to send your child to camp with a lunch that has an icepack, snacks, and bottles of water. 


Will staff be wearing masks?

Yes, the staff will be wearing masks. All employees will be required to use a mask while in the workplace. While outside (and only outside), and socially distanced, staff will be allowed to take off masks for a brief period of time. Instructions for use of cloth face covering from the CDC will be made available to all employees.


Will there be swim lessons?

Due to social distancing guidelines, we are unable to offer swim lessons. We will, however, offer free swim.


I heard the pool was redone- is this true?

Yes. Our pool was resurfaced and it looks amazing!


What if it rains?

Camp will remain open; however, campers will stay outside unless it is dangerous to do so. If campers cannot stay outside, they will be permitted inside our facility, with each group in separate rooms. We ask that you send your children to camp with a raincoat if inclement weather is in the forecast.


What happens if I travel in our out of Connecticut while my child is enrolled in JCC Day Camps?

In accordance with Executive Order 9s, our travel policy is as follows:

Anyone who travels to a state other than NY, NJ or RI for more than 24 hours, must self-quarantine (no be present in the program) for 10 days or get a negative test either in the 72 hours before you return to the state or at any time during the 10 day quarantine period.



Thank you for your patience and partnership as we adjust to this new way of life in the safest manner possible.


The COVID-19 emergency continues to evolve and as such CDC and State of Connecticut guidelines may change in response. Our priority is always the health and safety of all campers and staff. As such, JCC Day Camps reserves the right to make changes to camp policies and procedures at any time and will notify you as these happen.


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