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What is JTE?


Why? The Jewish Teen Education goal is to nurture the new generation of leadership for the Jewish community. JTE creates a space in which Jewish teenagers can interact with their faith and with each other in a comfortable and engaging manner. The program offers a pluralistic and inclusive environment for the diverse group of teens.


What? JTE is a "by teens, for teens" program. All programs are designed by a student-led board, and educators are hired by the same board based on their ability to connect with teenagers. Classes are formatted as discussion and debates, as well as a variety of hands-on learning opportunities. Each semester's classes are chosen for their ability to appeal to a wide variety of students, ages, backgrounds, and personalities. The success of the program is evaluated on an ongoing basis by the teens themselves, the advisors, and the Jewish Federation, to ensure the best possible options are present to the community.


How? JTE offers two semesters per year, in each semester the group meets for 10-12 sessions of engaging and learning. Each session consists of two classes of the choice of the student, and a break for socializing and provided snacks. JTE serves 8th through 12th graders regardless of their Jewish background or educational level.


*Financial assistance is available. The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven believes no teen should be denied; we want all teens who wish to participate in JTE to be given that opportunity. To learn more, contact Eliraz Shifman Berman at

Spring Schedule


Semester Dates: January 28 - May 12 (Grades 8 - 12)



Classes are Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m.

Students elect two classes per semester.

The first class period is 7-7:50 p.m.

The second class period is 8:10-9 p.m. 


No Classes:

February 18 (Presiden't Day)

April 14 (Pesach)


Special Programs:

January 28: First day of semester 

March 24: Optional (No regular classes)

March 29: Taste of Limmud- Jewish Life and Learning Festival (Sunday program)

April 7: Optional (No regular classes)

April 21: Giving Circle

April 29: Yom Haatzmaut

May 12: End of semester party



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JTE Classes

First Class Period (7-7:50 p.m.)


Jewish Cooking Around the World

Explore new Jewish recipes from communities around the world in the JCC kitchen. Plus, make you and your friends happy as you eat your creations together!



Use Jewish themes as an inspiration for artistic expression. Create beautiful works of art that you, your friends, and your family will love!


Chilling with the Emissaries

Each week we will choose a topic or activity to discuss!  We will  learn vocabulary words and phrases in Hebrew, chat, read, watch videos, and play games to experience Israeli culture.


Judaism and Gender

These classes will use an equity lens to discuss and debate issues related to gender, such as stereotypes and sexism, and connect them to traditional Jewish views on gender. 


Jewish Music around the World

Many musicians from around the world have added their melodies and words as interpretations of Jewish texts. Each class we will explore several of these songs and discuss how they connect to the text. We may also work to write our own Jewish music! 

Second Class Period (8:10-9 p.m.)


Jewish Cooking around the World

Explore new Jewish recipes from communities around the world in the JCC kitchen. Plus, make you and your friends happy as you eat your creations together!



Unwind after a long day with Jewish yoga. Enrich your body and soul with this active and relaxing class. 


Jews in Pop Culture

There are a lot of Jews in the media, from business people, entertainers, politicians, and athletes. Understand how these famous Jews live their public lives and display their Jewish affiliation.


The Dance of Life

Dance plays an integral role in the celebration of our Jewish heritage as an embodied expression of joy and gratitude for the blessings of life. We will explore the seasons, holidays, and biblical teachings through dance as a way of coming into a deeper connection with ourselves, Judaism, and even our ancestors. 

*No prior dance experience is required. 


Jewish Text Study

Jews are known as the “people of the book.”  This class is an opportunity to engage in some learning from one or several of these books!  Suggestions welcome for what to study.  


Tzedakah MakerSpace

Use your creativity and the resources of the Makerspace to construct item(s) that can help others. Do a good deed while also having fun cutting, glueing, hammering, sawing, and more.



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JTE Teachers

  • Udi Perlman

    Udi is a composer, music educator and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Tel-Aviv. Perlman's music has received numerous awards. Most recently, he won the François Schapira Prize for Composition at the 2020 America-Israel Cultural Foundation's Aviv Competitions. In 2018 he won the prestigious Israel's Prime Minister's Award for Composers. Udi is passionate about exposing young people to all kinds of music. He enjoys creating musical experiences and teaching piano, guitar, and flute to all a...

  • Tad Martin

    Tad has been teaching since 1992 and currently works at Quinnipiac University. He does some freelance work for Teachers College, Columbia University and teaches occasionally at Temple Beth Sholom, Hamden. His interests include studying comparative religion, welding, and tinkering with/fixing things. So far he has taught JTE courses on comparative religion, community identities as expressed through song, Jewish comedy, and Jews in popular culture.

  • Sherri Sosensky

    Sherri Sosensky is a Certified & Licensed Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) Children’s Yoga Instructor. She has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years and continuously strives to broaden her knowledge and increase her skills through her daily research and attending many varied workshops. She teaches children, teens, adults and family Yoga throughout New Haven County and beyond. You can find her teaching at local preschools, elementary schools, yoga studios, and town libraries.

  • David Bennett

    David is the JCC MakerSpace Coordinator. He has designed and built two MakerSpaces, including the one at the JCC in the fall of 2017. Prior to his role at the JCC, Dave taught science and math for 30 years. Along the way, he ran his own remodeling business and flipped houses before that became a TV phenomenon. A lifelong woodworker, Dave is happy to be back working with the kids for the second year on projects to be donated to various charities.

  • Lion Avraham

    Lion is part of our Young Emissary program and comes to us from Afula, Israel. Her majors in high school were psychology, sociology, and theater. She likes to read and explore nature – and to simply hang out with her friends and cousins.

  • Tal Azizi

    Tal, a Young Israeli Emissary, comes to Connecticut from his home in Rishon Letzion, Israel where he studied biology and chemistry. In his spare time, he loves listening to music, playing guitar, reading, and simply spending time with friends. Tal has experience as a leader through an Israeli youth movement and is interested in learning more about the environment.

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JTE Board


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Sam Epstein



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