Jewish Teen Education (JTE) 

Spring Schedule


Classes are Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m.

Students elect two classes per semester.

The first class period is 7-7:50 p.m.

The second class period is 8:10-9 p.m. 


Spring semester dates: January 29 - April 23

No classes on February 19 or April 16.


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JTE Classes

First Class Period (7-7:50 p.m.)


Cooking (Asya Tibi)

Do you love food? Do you love cooking? Food is an essential part of Judaism. Learn how to make some of your favorite Israeli food, and Jewish soul food!  The class is limited to 6 students.


JTE Yoga (Sherri Sosensky)

Explore Jewish spirituality through movement with this unique Yoga program developed for teens.  Gain balance, strength, and better focus while stretching, dancing and striking poses. Bring your own Yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.


Stop! Listen! (Tad Martin)

Do you ever stop and listen to the words in the music you hear? Come to find out the messages about religion and life explored in the songs you hear every day. Relax, listen to your favorite songs, and discover more about the world around you. 


Krav Maga (Beth Lopez)

Come and learn how to defend yourself with Krav Maga! This Israeli self-defense is a simple, aggressive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember system of self-defense. 


Tzedakah Project (David Bennett)

Do you want to make an impact in your community? Do you love to be creative? Join us in the MakerSpace to design and work on a tzedakah project and explore the possibilities of designing your own project to help others. 


Do the Right Thing (Dr. Jennifer Botwick)

Whether you know it or not, you are making countless ethical and moral decisions every day.  Without any deep thinking, we are choosing to do our homework or to go out with friends, selecting the right words to use with a friend we are upset with, accepting or actively rejecting the racial and cultural biases inside all of us.  In this class we will begin exploring questions with no “right” answer, how we each arrive at our own conclusions, and what inherent stereotypes and biases affect our lives each day without our conscious knowledge.

Second Class Period (8:10-9 p.m.)


Cooking (Asya Tibi)

Do you love food? Do you love cooking? Food is an essential part of Judaism. Learn how to make some of your favorite Israeli food, and Jewish soul food!  The class is limited to 6 students.


Here and There:  A Comparison of American and Israeli Teen Culture (Young Israeli Emissaries)

Come join our Young Emissaries Ziv and Noa to experience an hour of Israeli pop culture!  Learn about modern Israeli music, current food trends, and what teens your age in Israel do for fun.


My Jewish Art: Expressing Judaism through Art (and Crafts)

Join us for a stress-free, fun hour of creativity!  Each week we will work on a unique project based on Jewish ideals or traditions that, once completed, is yours to take home and enjoy!


Creative Writing (Sharon Rosenblatt)

Need a creative break? Look no further than this class. Each week, Sharon will find a topical prompt, weaving in current events and Judaism as a spark for your creativity. Students will then have a portion of the class to free write their response, thoughts, and feelings in an inclusive and non-judgmental setting. Sharon will provide journals and pens, with the goal of each student having a creative portfolio to record their spring semester at JTE.


The #BeKind Project (Larry Brownstein)

Have you ever wanted to star in a video or design and direct your own? Come and join Larry Brownstein to create short videos centralized in the theme of #BeKind. 


Our Fathers Had Ethics - How About You? (Rabbi Carl Astor)

Join Rabbi Carl in an exploration of ethics and morality. Using portions of Pirke Avot as a backdrop learn how ethical dilemmas were debated and resolved in the past and how their techniques and methods apply to us today. 


Jewish Images in Media (Yaron Back)

Throughout the decades, the portrayal of Jews in popular media has evolved with the cultural norms of the time.  Through the use of movie and television clips, this class will discuss common stereotypes propagated through the media, how the stereotypes correspond to the time period they were produced, and how popular media can serve as a vehicle to create, disseminate, or negate harmful stereotypes.

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