Jewish Teen Education (JTE) 

What is JTE?


Why? The Jewish Teen Education goal is to nurture the new generation of leadership for the Jewish community. JTE creates a space in which Jewish teenagers can interact with their faith and with each other in a comfortable and engaging manner. The program offers a pluralistic and inclusive environment for the diverse group of teens.


What? JTE is a "by teens, for teens" program. All programs are designed by a student-led board, and educators are hired by the same board based on their ability to connect with teenagers. Classes are formatted as discussion and debates, as well as a variety of hands-on learning opportunities. Each semester's classes are chosen for their ability to appeal to a wide variety of students, ages, backgrounds, and personalities. The success of the program is evaluated on an ongoing basis by the teens themselves, the advisors, and the Jewish Federation, to ensure the best possible options are present to the community.


How? JTE offers two semesters per year, in each semester the group meets for 10-12 sessions of engaging and learning. Each session consists of two classes of the choice of the student, and a break for socializing and provided snacks. JTE serves 8th through 12th graders regardless of their Jewish background or educational level.


Fall Schedule


Semester Dates: September 10 - December 10 for Grades 8 - 12



Classes are Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m.

Students elect two classes per semester.

The first class period is 7-7:50 p.m.

The second class period is 8:10-9 p.m. 


No Classes:

October 1

October 8

November 26


Special Programs: October 15 | Sukkot | 7 PM


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Please read through class descriptions (below) before selecting your tuition type as you will be asked to indicate your top 3 class preferences on the checkout screen. 


JTE Classes

First Class Period (7-7:50 p.m.)


Cooking (Asya Tibi)

Do you love food? Do you love cooking? Food is an essential part of Judaism. Learn how to make some of your favorite Israeli food, and Jewish soul food!  The class is limited to 6 students.


JTE Yoga (Sherri Sosensky)

Explore Jewish spirituality through movement with this unique Yoga program developed for teens.  Gain balance, strength, and better focus while stretching, dancing and striking poses. Bring your own Yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.


Krav Maga (Beth Lopez)

Come and learn how to defend yourself with Krav Maga! This Israeli self-defense is a simple, aggressive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember system of self-defense. 


Anti Semitism: Then & Now (Sam Forman)

Does the world seem a little crazy these days? Concerned about anti-semitism at school and in the community?  Not sure what exactly is anti-Semitism and what is hate speech?  This class will explore the current climate through the lens of history to help understand today’s world and prepare you to respond and react in your own, personal and comfortable way.


Comparative Religions (Tad Martin)

The world is a large, beautiful place made complicated by the interactions of the wide variety of religions and cultures scattered amongst the nations. Make the world a little smaller and friendlier by learning about some of these different religions, their cultures, and their history.  The topics and religions for study are student-directed based on your collective interests, current events, and world political events.


Tzedakah Project (David Bennett)

Do you want to make an impact in your community? Do you love to be creative? Join us in the MakerSpace to design and work on a tzedakah project and explore the possibilities of designing your own project to help others. 

Second Class Period (8:10-9 p.m.)


Cooking (Asya Tibi)

Do you love food? Do you love cooking? Food is an essential part of Judaism. Learn how to make some of your favorite Israeli food, and Jewish soul food!  The class is limited to 6 students.


Here and There:  A Comparison of American and Israeli Teen Culture (Young Israeli Emissaries)

Come join our Young Emissaries Tal and Li’on to experience an hour of Israeli pop culture!  Learn about modern Israeli music, current food trends, and what teens your age in Israel do for fun.


My Jewish Art: Expressing Judaism through Art (and Crafts) (Dale Spaner)

Join us for a stress-free, fun hour of creativity!  Each week we will work on a unique project based on Jewish ideals or traditions that, once completed, is yours to take home and enjoy!


Israeli Politics (Dr. Nadav S. Berman)

Israel is a thriving democracy with very complicated internal politics that try to balance religion, personal freedom, and international relations while trying to maintain its distinctly Jewish nature. This class will explore how the government works, what the internal parties stand for, the key issues facing the government, and how the constant threat of attack influences internal and external politics.


Jewish Comedy or Jewish Improv  (Tad Martin)

Throughout the decades, the portrayal of Jews in popular media has evolved with the cultural norms of the time.  Through the use of movie and television clips, this class will discuss common stereotypes propagated through the media, how the stereotypes correspond to the time period they were produced, and how popular media can serve as a vehicle to create, disseminate, or negate harmful stereotypes.


Early Social Media (Sam Forman)

Ever wonder what social media was like in the times before social media?  Would you be surprised to hear that the Talmud was an early version of social media?  In this class, we will take famous passages from Jewish texts and revisit them with modern social media platforms and “techniques” such as a series of memes or Instagram posts.  By the end of the class, you will have created their own “Social Media Talmud.”  Bring your creativity and be prepared for some serious fun!


Junior/Senior Jewish Leadership & March of the Living  (Evan Wyner)

Juniors and Seniors are invited to join in a year-long exploration of leadership and Holocaust studies.   As we learn together through debate and discussion, we will address what it means to be a leader in high school, in college, at work, and in the community.  Specifically, we will consider how our Judaism affects our leadership and what our responsibility as Jews is to the general community, the Jewish community, and the broader world.  Participants will experience leadership opportunities in the fall as we visit the United Nations and the ADL offices in NYC. Throughout the year, the course will intertwine the March of the Living Holocaust studies curriculum, our responsibilities as Jewish leaders to “Never forget” and culminate with a trip to Poland and Israel on the “March of the Living.” 


*The cost for the March of the Living is NOT included and the program fees; participants in the full-year program will be eligible for grants toward fees.

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