Donate to the JCC of Greater New Haven Security Improvement Fund


This past week was difficult for the Jewish community. We saw another brazen anti-Semitic attack which resulted in the killing of four people. Three innocents -  Mindy Ferencz, Moshe Deutsch, and Douglas Rodríguez and the brave Det. Joseph Seals in Jersey City. Federation has established a dedicated donation web page where all collections will go to support the victims' families. 

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven continues to monitor these events closely and collaborate with local and national law enforcement agencies.We were assured that there is no immediate danger in our community. The Jewish Federation has also worked closely with our partners at Secure Community Network on preventative measures and security training. 

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven has designated a fund towards the security of our community building. If you would like to join in this effort, the Security Fund will ensure that the security needs of the community are met following this horrific attack. Thanks to a grant from the State of Connecticut, every dollar you give will be matched to support efforts to strengthen and heighten security in the Beckerman Lender Jewish Community Building.

In addition to this horrible attack we also recall the seventh anniversary of the brutal Sandy Hook massacre. We must remain strong and vigilant, and together combat the evil forces among us. However we must not let fear stop us from pursuing what is beautiful in life and our community.

We are about to celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah which will bring light into our darkest days. By participating fully in the joy of Hanukkah and connecting with community members from across are beautiful and diverse greater New Haven, we will overcome. Please click here to see upcoming Hanukkah events in the community.