Pilates Method Training


A core-focused, mind / body exercise system based on the principles of Joseph Pilates to develop strength, flexibility and a balanced musculature for a lean, strong and flexible body. This form of strength and flexibility training can be adapted for any level of fitness. The method strengthens the muscles without creating bulk and is often used to aid in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries. Improved posture, balance, and circulation are also achieved through Pilates training.


The Balanced Body™ Pilates Studio is a semi-private space just off our Fitness Center. Our experienced, Pilates Certified Trainers can help design a program based on your goals and abilities.

To schedule an appointment with one of our certified and experienced trainers, please contact susand@jccnh.org

Personal Training/Coaching Rates:

Pilates Private Training Packages:

(45-minute sessions)


1 Session: $80
3 Session Try Pack: $230 ($77 per session)
6 sessions: $450 ($75 per session)
12 sessions: $840 ($70 per session)

New! DUET (Partner) Reformer Training

(45-minute sessions)


3 Sessions: $340 ($170 per person: $56 per session per person)

New! Pilates Based FLEXIBILITY Techniques using the Tower or Trap Table with Trainer assistance

(30-minute sessions)


3 Sessions: $150 ($50 per session)


Services Offered:

Balanced Body™ Reformer

The Reformer is probably the most famous and versatile piece of Pilates apparatus. It consists of a mat on a bed frame called a carriage, which is attached to springs. Your job, on the Reformer, is to resist those springs. Reformer’s headrest, shoulder blocks, foot bar, and straps give tactile feedback and assist you to perform the exercises more correctly and efficiently.



Balanced Body™ Tower Reformer

Attached to the Reformer, the Tower allows you more variety of moves with the same efficiency and alignment. In addition to a great option for flexibility training.

Balanced Body™ Trap Table (Cadillac)

A jungle gym of sorts consisting of an elevated mat on top of a long table. It has arm springs, leg springs, a roll back bar to challenge length and spinal articulation, and a push thru bar to challenge shoulder stability and assist stretching. Not only will you tone and strengthen your abs, inner thighs, triceps, glutes and hamstrings, but also challenge your joint stability and flexibility. The Trap Table’s versatility allows for either a gentle or a killer workout, depending on your mood or needs.




Balanced Body™ Ladder Barrel 

Developed for core strength and flexibility exercises, the Ladder Barrel combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface to lengthen and tone the body helps you isolate deep postural muscles while challenging the body in all planes of movement.  The sliding base adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths. 



Our Pilates Trainers

  • Suzanne Leonard

    After her career as a professional dancer, Suzanne discovered pilates and chose her Training through STOTT Pilates. Including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel. Her main focus is sharing her Love of exercise and
    truly believes in functional fitness for a healthier daily life in the Active Older Adult as well as the importance of exercise in everyone's life to feel better.

  • Michelle Dow

    A licensed physical therapist assistant, Michelle holds a Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Peak Pilates and integrates this knowledge and experience for deep core control in her teaching and training. She eventually pursued her 200-hour yoga certification and has a love of dance and movement, and a passion for helping others.

  • Sadaf Bakhtiari

    A Balanced Body Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer, MS of Herbal Medicine
    Certified Pilates Mat Trainer
    TRX Suspension Training Certified
    SCW Certified Personal Trainer

For more information, contact Susan Donovan,

Director of Fitness Services