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With Inqline Fit, you can reserve your spot and join our online group fitness classes in one easy click of a button. If your busy schedule prevents you from staying fit, try our library of high-quality on-demand videos and work out whenever and wherever you want.

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Muscular endurance and strength at the barre (or chair) and on the mat

Active movement combined with strength-focused muscle conditioning

High-Intensity Interval Training, segments of cardio & strength training

Martial arts-focused cardio workout

Age-appropriate exercises for cardio, strength, range of movement, and balance

Full body workout for muscular strength and endurance

60 minutes of core stability exercises using elements of Pilates with 15 minutes of basic stretching

Fun and easy to follow Latin/International style dance

Zumba dance with light weights (toning sticks)

Hatha Yoga combining physical postures with breath awareness

Breath and movement sequenced for balance, agility and strength

Functionally based yoga postures with focus on alignment and neuromuscular balance

An acclaimed exercise program that focuses on the core, which connects strength, flexibility and breath

Find mobility in a soft and gentle way. This practice is suitable for beginners, seniors and those recovering from injury


I can't wait to take a class! How much do your online classes cost?


JCC Members will receive FREE access to this virtual group fitness platform. Non-members, however, can enjoy a 14 day trial period at no expense. Contact us at to join our family and become a JCC member before your 14-day trial is complete.


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Contact to receive your unique code when you are ready to open your Inqline Fit account. Once you receive your unique code, follow these simple steps to create your Inqline Fit account and begin enjoying our virtual group ex classes.

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