We offer more than 60 free group exercise classes each week to members including various kinds of yoga, Zumba™, indoor cycling, Pilates and other workouts. JCC Fitness Center is a Silver Sneakers™ partner. Guest passes are available to try them out. The schedule updates monthly. See Membership for more information.


Many more programs are offered each season at a discount to members including swim, dance, karate lessons for all levels, and many more.

Group Exercise Class Descriptions


All JCC classes are taught by certified, experienced instructors concerned with your safety and motivation!

Total Body Conditioning

Total body muscle conditioning using a variety of props such as light weights, bars, tubing, stability balls, etc.  Sculpt and define the body, appropriate for all levels.

Muscle Challenge

A more intense version of Total Body Conditioning.

Roll & Recover

Foam rolling for post workout recovery, muscle release and flexibility 

Step & Strength

Step aerobics combined with strength focused muscle conditioning exercises.


Fun and easy to follow Latin / International style Dance!

Zumba™ Gold

Gentle Zumba dance using popular music

Zumba™ Toning

Zumba dance with light weights (toning sticks)

Cardio & Conditioning 

Freestyle cardio with muscular conditioning.

Yoga Dance

NIA style, a beautiful movement class with cardiovascular conditioning.

Barre & Mat

Ballet barre and Pilates mat work for muscular conditioning.

Barre Above

A results-driven workout that is fun and dynamic. Strengthening and scultping your body at the barre and on the mat. 


High energy cardio & conditioning workout with all the fun of drumming using drum sticks and a stability ball! Silver Drum-fit: a gentler version. 

Yoga Basics

Hatha Yoga combines physical postures with breath awareness for complete wellness.

Hatha Yoga

A gentle style combining physical postures with breath with meditation.

Kripalu Yoga Form & Flow

Combining breath and movement in a sequence of holding postures to build strenght and flexibility and low sequences to develop balance and agility. Modifications for all levels given. 

Yoga Buffet

A theme based practice emphasizing alignment, strength, and expanded consciousness. 

Pain Free Yoga/Posture Yoga

A series of stretches and functionally based exercises for posture, alignment and addressing musculoskeletal pain – based on the therapeutic method of Egoscue™ and Feldenkrais™.


An acclaimed exercise program that focuses on the core, which connects strength, flexibility and breath.

Functional Pilates

Combination of Pilates method training with an alignment and back healthy focus.

Tai Chi

A series of slow, graceful movements to emphasize posture, balance and mental focus.

Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation for relaxation, breath awareness and stress management.

Silver Sneakers™ Classic

A variety of exercises designed for the senior member to increase muscular strength, cardio endurance, range of movement and activity for daily living skills.

Silver Sneakers™ Boom

A 'kicked up' Silver Sneakers workout combining cardio and muscle conditioning with balance work (no chair used)

Mobility Impaired Classes

Tuesday & Thursday 11-11:45 AM | Brookdale Senior Center

Held at satellite location, Brookdale Senior Center in Woodbridge. Designed to give mobility-impaired people of all ages (including those in wheelchairs) the opportunity to engage in muscle conditioning and strength exercises in a safe environment (held at offsite location).

Indoor Cycling

45 and 60 minute classes taught by our certified instructors on new Schwinn Indoor Cycles!

Gentle Spin

30 minute gentle ride.

XPress Spin

30 minute ride.


High Intensity Interval Training Ride

Spin & Core/Spin & Sculpt

45 minute ride with 15-20 minutes of core or upper body sculpting exercises off the bike.