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Community is our middle name, it could be a slogan, but it is actually a mission. We strive to be warm & welcoming to our entire community while being the first place you go for superior services.



Please support your JCC  so we continue high-quality programming from our early learning center to our fitness facility and from cultural arts programs to our day camp. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in our community. 



This year we added Café J with a focus on skill building, breaking down barriers of acceptance and providing delicious kosher treats and coffee. It is a perfect example of living our mission and demonstrates why this community is different and deserves your support.



Please join our list of supporters while we continue to build the diverse and harmonious community we need in our lives today. 



Thank you for being part of the JCC community.



David Sirowich, JCC President

Scott Cohen, JCC Executive Director

"I don’t know what we would do without the JCC. I’ve been coming here for many years, my family has been here for many years, and we use everything here at the JCC. My kids have gone to school here, we have coffee in the mornings here, we use the fitness center, my kids have done the aquatics, the dancing, the basketball and had birthday parties here. I feel so passionately about being able to be here and dedicate some of my time and resources and help out in any way that I can."

-David Sirowich, JCC President

The Impact of a Gift to Friends of the J

  • Friends of the J opens the door to programs like JCC Day Camps, early childhood education and afterschool programs - especially for the 80+ participants who receive needs-based scholarships.

  • Friends of the J provides access to JCC programs and events for adults and children with disabilities.

  • Friends of the J enables virtual and in-person cultural arts programming, including film & author talks, live performance, and the visual arts.


The Spirit of Community

The people make the JCC special. Not only the members, but the people who work here. The demand on the employees at the J is very high, but they enjoy what they do and it shows. The JCC has been through a lot and the pandemic could easily have broken our spirit. But it didn't. If anything, it strengthened the people within this community and brought us closer together. The JCC is an asset to this community. We need to do everything we can to support it. It's our turn to step up to the challenge just as every JCC employee does ever day.

-Craig Riegelhaupt


Home Away From Home

"When I think of the JCC, I think of our greater New Haven Jewish Community. I can remember dropping my children off at the babysitting room, early in the morning, to allow for my workouts at the fitness center. This is where I knew my children were safe, social and occupied.

For me, the JCC provided a wonderful environment for meetings, socialization, cultural programs and fitness. Café 360 is fantastic. So many of us look forward to grabbing a coffee, lunch and a meal to go. It is our place to gather and chat or just kick back and enjoy the games of Mahjong, Canasta and Bridge. There is always someone looking for a game!

The JCC is a place I call home.  My children, while they are grown now, forged lifelong friendships over the years through JCC Day Camp, Playscape and Biddy Basketball,  just to mention a few.

The JCC continues to host all ages, even those that continue to return after so many years. It is generational; it is the center of it all."

-Stacey Trachten 



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