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Dear Friend,


First, we want to say thank you to you for being a loyal member during this difficult time.

It is hard to fathom all that has changed in our daily lives and routines since the spring. Each one of us has been affected by necessary precautions and restrictions due to Covid-19. JCC professionals and volunteer leaders have worked tirelessly to reopen our JCC services in a responsible manner. We are proud to report that our JCC Day Camp serviced 260 campers over 10 weeks, our Beverly Levy Early Learning Center reopened in September and our All Day at the J program for virtual learners is servicing 70 school age children while their parents are at work.


Our fitness services, swimming pool and recreation activities continue to grow while maintaining important health and safety protocols to protect our members. Our virtual fitness classes attract hundreds to Zoom and our Cultural Arts programs include artist and author talks, mystery nights and cooking demos.

While so much has changed, one thing has not: people still come to the JCC, in person and virtually, because of the sense of togetherness and community. Community is still the lifeblood of the J.

We are so thankful to our loyal members who have supported the JCC all throughout this critical time. We are happy to see many of our old friends coming through the door again. At the same time, servicing our members during this time is a significant and costly challenge.


As you know, non-profits such as the JCC have suffered during the months of stay-at-home orders and gradual re-openings. This year more than any other, our Friends of the J Campaign is vital. Please consider a gift to our campaign. Your support allows us to service our community’s urgent needs safely.

Now more than ever the J is important, and now more than ever your support is needed.


Best wishes


Jeffrey Sklarz, JCC President

Scott Cohen, JCC Executive Director


  • Friends of the J helps open the door to our wonderful programs like JCC Day Camps, early childhood education and afterschool programs. This is especially so, for the 80 participants who receive needs-based scholarships.


  • Friends of the J enables us to provide access and programming to adults and children with disabilities.


  • Friends of the J supports cultural arts; including film, author talks, theatre, and visual arts.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Our family wants you and your team to know how much we appreciate your thoughtful efforts to reopen your pool in a safe and family-friendly way. Our two daughters, Waverly and Haven, are members of your preschool and burgeoning swimmers. Attending the family swim over the past couple weeks has been magical for them (and for us!). 

 Swimming aside, we've been at home for four months, and it has been such a delight to interact with some members of the JCC community. We are constantly impressed by the professional, safety-conscious, and friendly pool staff. 

Sending gratitude and appreciation from a family of fish,

Sarah Miller & Eric Gershon

Giving Our Kids Fund, Safe and Caring Experiences


I just wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone who made Jacob and Mikayla’s first day at camp so awesome and special! We’ve all been looking forward to today for months, and it exceeded our expectations! From the moment Kyle greeted us in the morning, the kids felt comfortable immediately and went off to be with their groups. On the way home, Mikayla couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she had and about how her counselor Laci is her “best friend” and about how even though she only knew a couple of kids in her group before today she said, “But we’re all friends now!” She told me about how happy she was and how she can’t even wait to go back tomorrow. Jacob is more of the strong, silent type but I knew he had an amazing day too :) He was very proud of himself for going underwater longer than ever!

The past few months have been tough for all of us, and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to give our kids a fun, safe, and caring camp experience again. It made me incredibly happy to know that they were having a great time. Thank you!!!

Marla Wasser

*there is no connection between the photograph to the testimonial 




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