The Cube, a Coworking Space

A special access zone for JCC members, The Cube offers a high-end office environment with upgraded WiFi, a printer and a copier. Just steps from the new babysitting room, The Cube creates a convenient workspace for working parents, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

How to make a copy:
1. Enter user code
2. Select ‘Copy’
3. Place paper on the top tray until the green light is displayed
4. Adjust options for desired print
5. Select ‘Start’


Printing from a PC:
1. Open the web browser
2. Search for ‘Xerox Versalink C605 driver’
3. Download ‘Xerox Smart Start’, then follow install instructions
4. When printing desired job, select ‘Versalink C605’
5. Enter user code when prompted


Printing from a Mac:
1. Enter ‘’ into your web browser
2. Log-in using code provided from the Welcome Desk
3. At the bottom of the web page, select ‘Submit File’


Scanning to a USB:
1. Enter user code
2. Insert USB into slot located under the device panel
3. Select ‘Scan to USB’ when prompted
4. Search for desired folder to be scanned to


Please see the Welcome Desk for assistance or email Casey at


Printing Packages


Small Package: $20

Copies: 50 b/w, 20 color
Printing; 50 b/w, 20 color
Scans: 20


Large Package: $75

Copies: 250 b/w, 75 color
Printing: 250 b/w, 75 color
Scans: 75


Printer codes are available for
purchase at the Welcome Desk