Café 360

The café area will serve as the heart of the Jewish community building. Centrally located in the middle of the upper floor, it will boast wood textured ceramic tiles, upgraded seating, enhanced LED lighting and a large open space. With delicious kosher offerings and upgraded WiFi, the café's open and welcoming design ensures that it will be THE hangout place for our community; a place where conversations start, friendships are made, and people can get to know each other better.


Coming live soon, Café 360 will offer everything from artisan coffees, smoothies, New York bagels, sandwiches and pastries to sushi, holiday specialties, challah and catered Shabbat dinners to go. We will be proudly brewing Willoughby's Coffee and Teas, and all offerings will be strictly kosher, with a dairy or vegetarian focus, to ensure that everyone in our community feels welcome.